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15 February 2005





You see the chromatic similarities. So:

Was the entire point of this exercise to make the park look like the transvestite version of
Tim Curry's character in It? (Yes I know: the idea of inverting Tim Curry's sexuality is the
cultural equivalent of the square root of negative four or a snake eating its own tail. It
boggles the mind. But so does giving these two nutpies free reign over the park. Surely on
the fourteenth day C'thullu will climb forth from the great lawn and begin his reign)

Speaking of similarities: I remember when me and my buddy Frasca were in high school, and we
decided we were going to write a script about high school. When all we ended up with was a
series of music montages, we assumed that meant we were sucky amateurs.

As it turns out, it just meant we were Zach Braff writing Garden State. Every scene opens with
a bohemian momma whispering over a plodding organ and ends with a neutered man whispering over
the strings of an electric guitar strummed as softly as a butterfly's flapping. Low aim, direct