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27 February 2007

FanHouse: Tues. AM 'High School Low' Edition

I send out an email (almost) every morning detailing what's new in FanHouse. Starting today, I'll be featuring that memo here, too.

This is a vid-heavy morning memo. From the Shaun Livingston clip that will make you choke on your coffee to the a field goal so cruel it could only happen to a high school kid, really.

In organizational news, we have our first posts on both Tennis and Soccer below. Hopefully this will open us up to a whole new world of international groin injury videos.

Roger Federer Has Been Killing Everyone for 161 Weeks

Terry Could Return to Chelsea by Saturday

Shaun Livingston Dislocates His ... Oh, That's Just Gross
Dunks From the Day: Amare Wants Some Kandi
Random YouTube Magic: Greatest. Layup Line. Ever.
Dunks from the Day: Baron Davis, Part II
The Final Kick: Deciphering the West's Playoff Race
Jason Caffey Jailed for Being a Deadbeat Dad

NCAA Basketball:
Here's Your Chance to Ogle Pat Summitt
Georgetown Finally Loses and Syracuse Gets the Big Win
Dick Vitale's Big Mouth Gets Him in Trouble
Just How Hot is Tubby Smith's Hot Seat?
College Hoops BlogPoll: It's the Order, Not the Teams
Isaiah Kacyvenski to Appear On Oprah

Sammy Sosa Wants To Hit 700 Home Runs
Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It
Dontrelle Willis Still Has Fans
Barry Bonds and George Mitchell Do Not Get Along

For Not Doing Anything, Troy Smith Had a Tough Weekend
Vincent Hires Rosenhaus, Could Succeed Upshaw
Steelers to Stick with 3-4 Defense
No Kids, No Marriage: Giants Toomer Will Divorce Wife Over Abortions

NCAA Football:
High School Kicker Was Very Naughty in a Prior Life
Maybe The Wonderlic is Like Golf?