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17 February 2007

God Golly Miss Molly,

I do enjoy Ghanaian movie posters.

Maybe you're the type who sees a lot of guys who dress in leather and carry shotguns. Or maybe in your line of work it's just assumed that folks around the office (or on the F Train generally) know how to pull off a nimbus. Tomato, potahto. But who's servicing the market for the person who wants both? That guy in Ghana with a paintbrush is who.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what the hell the "video-juju" referred to in the post above is. Never encountered it, and can't find any Googletrace of said alleged cinema. So take the captions with salt.

But the Flash gallery is wonderful. Ghana's supercoffins will probably never go out of style, but someday soon a well-run poster business is going to make all these Crumb-esque unnecessary.

(Thank you, MeatHaus.)