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12 March 2007

FanHaus: Mon. AM 'Who Blocked Huggins?' Edition

You probably heard the NCAA Tournament seedings from Gumbel's own mouth yesterday.

You know that the Mid-Majors won't get a chance this year. And given how the weekend went, basic cultural ettiquette dictates that the NCAA Selection committee should have at least bought the Big East dinner beforehand.

But here are three things you may not know yet:

1. Radio reports in Kansas suggest the Big XII's own commissioner blocked Kansas State's route to the tourney.

2. Once again, historically black teams are the only ones playing on Tuesday. As our own Chas Rich writes, "It's and uncomfortable thing." Eesh. Yeah.

3. Not to confuse our universe with the world outside, but: When our own maximally pro-SEC blogger Ryan Ferguson won't buy that Arkansas deserved to get in, the selection committee has an extremely hard sell in front of it.

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