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20 April 2007

FanHouse: Fri. AM 'Where War and Football Meet' Edition

NBA playoffs are ready to go, and so is our full-on Round One Riot. Other stuff you need to know:
For a less Yabba Dabba Dizzle analysis of Stanley Cup history, check out Flippin' Quarters, our extended look back at playoffs runs since the NHL changed its postseason format in 1993.

Draft from the Past: David Carr or Julius Peppers?
Draft From the Past: Kevin Hardy or Simeon Rice?
Stress Fractures Causing Alan Branch to Drop?
Corey Dillon to Retire
Packers to Reimburse High School After Player Shatters Glass
The Rams are Ricky-Friendly
Remember to Drink Your Gatorade, Brian Urlacher
College Eye For the NFL Guy: Brian Leonard

Round One Riot: (3) Spurs vs. (6) Nuggets
Round One Riot: (4) Jazz vs. (5) Rockets
Round One Riot: (2) Suns vs. (7) Lakers
Round One Riot: (1) Pistons vs. (8) Magic
You Are Cordially Invited to Celebrate Isiah Thomas
NBA Coaching Guillotine: Rick Carlisle
The Tank Jobs Were Worth It; Greg Oden is Entering the Draft

College Football:
OU-Texas to Remain in Dallas
College Eye For the NFL Guy: Brian Leonard
Kansas State Players Gain Perspective Through Off-Season Workout With Army Unit
Houston Nutt Not a Fan Of Texting, Sky Blue, Dog Bites Man
Headline Writers Rejoice! Crist Commits to Notre Dame

Booze! Mayhem! A-Rod! It's Red Sox vs. Yankees, Round One
Alyssa Milano Does Not Like You Questioning Her Lovelife
Marlins Lose Game and Maybe Cabrera Too
We May As Well Just Hand A-Rod The AL MVP Trophy
A-Rod Does It Again!
Blackhawks Sign "La Lemon" Lalime to a 1-Year Contract
NCAA Basketball:
Pokey Chatman Scandal Puts Spotlight on Homophobia in Recruiting

DEI Puts Deal On Table, Ball in Junior's Court?
Bud.TV Puts Junior on Tap