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02 April 2007

FanHouse: Mon. AM 'Opening Day' Edition

Between Opening Day and April Madness, today is usually ten pounds of sports in a five pound bag.

We have the mischievous joy of Miguel Cabrera embodying all our exitement about Opening Day.

We have the bizarre spectacle of Dick Vitale making an interesting suggestion on how to change the college game.

But now we also have the roll-out out NHL FanHouse. Any old Ranger fans out there will happy to know that retired New York enforcer Tie Domi is now taking his anger out on pee-wee league coaches.

Mets Win Game Eight (I Mean, Game One)
Miguel Cabrera Makes Hanley Ramirez Look Like an Idiot
MLB Has Secretly Monitored Drug Tests Since July '05
Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field Not So Friendly Anymore
Don't Send Anderson Hernandez Your Baseball Cards
Daisuke Matsuzaka Is Learning English From the Wrong People
Johnny Pesky Will Have to Find a Seat With the Rest of Us

Michael Phelps Wins Seventh Gold, But He's No Mark Spitz

Little League:
Cincinnati Little League to Ban Chatter

Serena Williams: The Queen is Back, Everyone Bow Down

NCAA Basketball:
Florida-Ohio State: National Championship Preview
John Beilein Officially Offered Michigan Job
Horford: Donovan's Not Going Anywhere
Lewis Disses Florida By Saying They're 'Good'
The Tao of the Florida Gators
Even As Other Gators Overshadow Him, Chris Richard Shines
Ohio State Didn't Stop Jeff Green -- Green Stopped Himself
Dick Vitale Wants Basketball to Eliminate Fouling Out
Lesley Visser, CBS Shill for Chevy
Chicago CBS Affiliate Interrupts Game for Weather Report
Does Greg Oden Really Fly Commercial and Sit in Coach?
Potentially Great Nickname: Afflalo Creed
Herb Pope Shot
Pope's Road to Recovery Begins

And for, ACC fans:
Duke Hits Tyler Hansbrough's Face ... Back In 2006!
UNC Women Choked As Badly As Men Did

Yao Ming Got Owned in World of Warcraft
Wade Ready for Practice and Might Play Before Season's End
Popovich: Is Parker's French Hurting His Game?
Is Doc Rivers Allowed to Sit Next to His Wife?
George Karl Now Realizes How Flawed His Game Plan Is

Bonus Hockey Fight: Sean Avery vs. Darcy Tucker
Hockey Fight of the Day: Zack Stortini vs. Martin Lapointe
When They Call That Winger A Sniper, They Mean It
Alex Ovechkin's Locker Room Meltdown
Vancouver is Waiting for Jack Johnson
Stay Classy, Tie Domi

Ricky Williams Wants to Return, Do Dolphins Want Him?

NCAA Football:
Point Shaving at Toledo

New Car of Tomorrow Bumpers Making An Impact
Harvick Is Fuming
Racing at Martinsville Is Exhausting