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05 April 2007

FanHouse: Thurs. AM 'Ice Girls' Edition

What to hype? On the one hand, I could lead with our excellent Masters coverage which, I'm sorry, may swiftly be turning into the best golf blog on the web.

On this other hand, we have the hockey blogosphere's (utterly one-sided) debate about fighting and the (surprisingly multi-faceted) debate about the NHL's ice girls.

And even though the Trademarked Month of Madness is over, we still have to live in a world where, as MJD writes, 'John Beilein has been known to put a high value on character, (but) Bob Huggins has been known to put a high value on liquor.'

Whatever. As long as it distracts from Barry Bonds' first 2007 homer or Larry David's picks for the NFL draft, I won't be actively unhappy.

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