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11 April 2007

FanHouse: Wed. AM 'Get Luke Walton a Time Machine' Edition

Way too late: Is Luke Walton About to Start Dating Britney Spears?

Too slow: NASCAR giant flips his pedestrian car on his way home, but we are disappointed to report he was only going 70.

Too obvious: Buy your coach G. Gordon Liddy's Stacked and Packed calendar, get yourself a questionable scholarship.

Never too soon: The NFL mock draft, which kicks off with the Raiders pick here.

All Charges to Be Dropped in Duke Lacrosse Case

FanHouse Mock Draft: Raiders Select JaMarcus Russell
FanHouse Mock Draft: Lions Select Calvin Johnson
Fanhouse Mock Draft: Browns Select Joe Thomas
Barry Sanders is No Draft Nut, Yet Calls for Linemen


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When Tanking Is Worth It
Keep on Tankin': Milwaukee Bucks
Is Luke Walton About to Start Dating Britney Spears?
Etan Thomas Has Words For Don Imus

College Football:
DeMarco Murray is the Future
Toledo Gambling Scandal: 99% Funny Business
Big Ten's Offseason of Rage Continues Unabated

College Basketball:
Hansbrough and Lawson To Return to UNC
A Brief History Of Don Imus
Report: Kevin Durant Will Declare For The NBA Draft

Dr. Jerry Punch, Where Are You? [Update]
Waltrip, Reckless Failure: Asleep at The Wheel
SPEED Channel to Cause Widespread Indigestion of NASCAR


The Orioles Vs the Media
Roger Clemens + Andy Pettitte + Smoked Meats = Awesome
Grand Jury Is Still Trying to Get Barry Bonds
Does Miguel Cabrera Sacrifice Animals?
Jimbo's Will No Longer Be A Chicago South Side Staple

Canada Loves American Hockey
Cherry to Make U.S. TV Debut on NBC