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10 May 2007

FanHouse: Fri AM 'Why Do People Blame the Blog?' Edition

Here's a new feature that will help you lounge into the weekend: MJD's Last Week in Pretty Pictures.

News next to dots:
Our NASCAR team performed excellently yesterday. If you want the full coverage, and if you want to know where it looks like Jr. will end up -- scroll on down.

Could Pacman Jones Sue the NFL Players Union?
Keyshawn Gives Packers the Heisman
Don't Ask Tom Brady to Wear a Ten-Gallon Hat
It Looks Like Culpepper's a Goner in Miami
Steelers Linebacker Accused of Being a Pimp
Marcus McCauley Is Smarter Than You
Chad Johnson's 'Raffle' May Have Been Illegal
NFL Will Decide Ricky Williams' Fate Soon
Ol' Skool: Neon Deion's 'Must Be The Money'
Michael Vick Selling Property Linked to Dog Fighting
Pacman Jones Loves Him Some Strip Clubs
When He Cares, Terrell Owens Is a Great Teammate
Baltimore Ravens' Steve McNair Arrested for DUI
Texans Sign Notre Dame Running Back Darius Walker
After Only Six Days, Bills Waive DT Manuel Wright
Well I'll Be ... Shockey Will Report to Giants Minicamp
Are the Improving 49ers Getting Overconfident?
Charles Rogers Gets More Time With His Stolen Money
Brandon Williams is Sick of Terrell Owens' Negative Karma
Friends of Michael Vick: He Knew of Dog-Fighting Ring
Colts' Bob Sanders Should Pull a Roger Clemens
Buffalo Bills Fan Impersonates Hulk Hogan
Bears' Tank Johnson to Meet With Roger Goodell Wednesday

Pistons Tease Bulls For a Half
MJD and Shoals Speak: The 2008 Los Angeles Clippers
Jason Richardson Abuses Carlos Boozer's Face
2007 All-NBA Teams Announced, No Shaq or A.I.
Lakers Fans Take the Get Garnett Propaganda to Another Level
A Song to Get Warriors Fans Hyped
Arenas: Baron Davis Predicted Mavs Upset in March
Doc Rivers Gets an Extension
Report: Dirk Nowitzki to Be Named MVP Next Tuesday
Grizzlies Buy Jerry West's House
Rest Easy, NBA: You Are Diverse
Matt Barnes: Mo Cheeks is the 'Biggest A--hole in the World'
Dee Brown Out of the Hospital
Cavs' Newble Takes Up Darfur Cause
The Curious Institution of 'Hi Mom'
Ben Gordon Lies When He Says He 'Makes It Rain'
Introducing the Michael Jordan and Larry Bird of China

Alberto Callaspo Arrested for Alleged Wife Beating
Julio Mateo Allegedly Beat, Bit and Choked His Wife
Could Roger Clemens' Sweet Deal Pave the Way for Bonds?
Keep Ryan Zimmerman Away From the Baby Powder
Players Trading in Maple Wood for Pink on Mother's Day
The Players Can Drink in Milwaukee, But Not the Mascot
Chien-Ming Wang Likes to Dance the Tango
Minor League Spotlight: Yovani Gallardo and Ryan Braun
Jose Reyes Thinks He's Pretty
Roger Clemens Has Had Enough of Phil Garner's Lip
Terry Francona Asks Curt Schilling to Avoid Spotlight
Albany Narcotics Agents At It Again
Does Josh Willingham Want to Fight Miguel Cabrera?
There Should Be Instant Replay In Baseball
Joel Zumaya Is An Incredible Actor, Comcastic
Patriotism Is Enforced at Yankee Stadium

NCAA Football:
Southern Cal Hearts the East Coast
Texans Sign Notre Dame Running Back Darius Walker
Point Shaving Can Only Be Limited

Junior to RCR Done Deal?
Losing Dale Jr. Isn't the End of the World For DEI
Deadbeat Owner Loses Star Driver and Then Some
NASCAR's Most Popular Driver A Free Agent
It's the End of the World As We Know It
LIVE BLOG: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Press Conference

NCAA Basketball:
Point Shaving Can Only Be Limited
Ashley Judd, Kentucky's Biggest Fan, Now a Graduate
Kevin Durant Signs First Endorsement Contract

The Sabres Have Already Defeated the Red Wings
Willa Ford Standing Up for Her Man
Red Wings to be Without Mathieu Schneider
Eastern Conference Finals One To Watch: Ryan Miller
Red Wings (1) vs. Ducks (2): Who's the Best in the West?
Sabres (1) vs. Senators (4): For the Eastern Marbles
NHL Western Conference Playoff Preview, Round 3
NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Preview, Round 3
Western Conference Finals One To Watch: Sammy Pahlsson
Teemu Selanne: Playing Like a Kid, Again.

Last Week in Pretty Pictures - 05.10.07
Floyd Landis: They Wanted Me to Rat Out Lance Armstrong
Rory Sabbatini Trash Talks Tiger at TPC
2008 Beijing Games Called 'Genocide Olympics'
Mickelson's Swing Changes Could Take Time
Tommy Maddox, Tony Romo Have Something in Common
Mark Philippoussis Taking a Dip into the Reality Dating Pool