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14 May 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Playing Dirty With Virginia Tech?' Edition

You could read this memo, but you could also read The Debriefing, MJD's new morning column.

Bullet point, news; Bullet point, news:
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Ricky Williams: 'When the Time Is Right, I'll Be Back on the Field'
Giants' Ross Unimpressive in First Minicamp
Girl Talk: Redskins Cheerleader Blog
Chargers Inching Close to LA
Perfect Team For Ricky
Ricky Williams Still Owes the Dolphins $8.6 Million
Would You Want Your Team to Trade for Brett Favre?
Report: Brett Favre Asked Packers to Trade Him
Brett Favre Says Randy Moss 'Wanted to Play in Green Bay'
Spike Lee Has Nothing on Mark Campbell
Report: Brett Favre Asked Packers to Trade Him
Tank Johnson Out of Jail, Not Out of Trouble
Patriots' Junior Seau Will Return for 18th NFL Season
SI's Love Affair With Panthers Extends to Williams
Dan 'Big Daddy' Wilkinson Will Replace Your Transmission
Somebody Needs to Pimp Brandon Meriweather's Ride
Joe Gibbs Is Kinda Pissed at Sean Taylor
Joe Gibbs Even More Pissed at Shawn Springs
Joe Gibbs Objects to Beer? What's He Doing in the NFL?
Sorry, Belichick: Reporters Get to Talk to Assistant Coaches
T.O. Suprises Everyone; Already Catching Passes
Pennslyvania Governor Rips Eagles for Drafting Kevin Kolb
Candidate Praises Manning, Forgetting He's in Packer Country

Chipper Jones Defends Mets, Rips Interleague Schedule
Barry's World: How Much Will HR Ball No. 756 Cost?
Jose Reyes Still Holding Out on Haircut
Lou Piniella Is Playing Mind Games With the Brewers
Troy Trulowitzki Finally Has His Hands on His Triple Play Ball
David Ortiz to Boston Media: I'm Angry
Basebrawls From The Day: Dipping Into The College Ranks
The Orioles Played the Indians and All I Got Was This Lousy Comic Book
Somewhere, the Copy Editors Are Laughing ... and Plotting
Explaining Oversampling in Bonds Poll, Media Still Pushing the Race Issue

NCAA Basketball:
Shooting May Have Cost VT A Prize Recruit
Coach K Uses Powers for Good
Dick Vitale: Coach K a 'Better Humanitarian' Than Coach
Winthrop Guard In A Coma
Donovan Never Says Never to the NBA
Some Athletes Choose Abortion Over Losing a Scholarship
Temple's Athletic Department on the Brink
Baron's Dunk on AK-47 Wasn't Even His Best Ever

NCAA Football:
Could Individual Team TV Networks Be the Future of Big 12 Coverage?
Georgia Tries to Keep Slackers From Getting Student Tickets
ECU Assistant Fired for Faking Expenses
Temple's Athletic Department on the Brink

William Shatner Snags the Stanley Cup
Doan Quiets the Critics at World Championships
Second Helping of Fried Octopus for Niedermayer
Georges Laraque Drops His Gloves for Tanzania
Sens and Sabres: Check and Should be Mate
Video of the Day: A Tribute to the Maple Leafs

Why Earnhardt Jr. Won't Drive the #3
Hello, Newman
Junior Nation: Wherever He Goes We Will Follow
New Points System Helps Letarte Give Gordon 7th Darlington Win
Darlington and Richmond: Kinda Like It Used to Be
Joe Gibbs Objects to Beer? What's He Doing in the NFL?
Yates: DEI Looks Different Without Junior

Mark Cuban to Donald Trump: You're Poor
Will Kirilenko Show His Face in Public Again? Game 4 Preview
The NBA Is Officially Looking At Bruce Bowen's Dirty Play
How Could Kevin Garnett Get to New Jersey?
Flip Murray's Dunk In, On, and Over Kirk Hinrich's Face
Donovan Never Says Never to the NBA
Bruce Bowen Knees Steve Nash in the Groin
Larry Brown to Coach Memphis... If They Land Oden
Suns @ Spurs Game 3: 4th Quarter Live Blog
Baron's Dunk on AK-47 Wasn't Even His Best Ever
Ron Artest Remains the Quintessential Interview
Baron Davis vs. Kevin Johnson: Who Had the Better Dunk?
The San Antonio Spurs ARE Dirty!