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07 May 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Steve Carell in Goal' Edition

Did you just get in line for Packers tickets? Bad news: Green Bay will be oceanfront property before you get a seat. In better "news":
Warren Sapp Is the Biggest Loser, Drops 49 Pounds
Jaws: 'Hey, Donovan, I've Been There, Man'
Tom Brady Is Playing You Fools for More Money
Del Rio Wanted Quinn But Was Voted Down
Lions' Stanton Has Trouble Throwing Spirals
Carolina Bets the Farm on Silent Bob
Quincy Carter Owns the Arena League
Brady's Dad Doesn't Care About Yankees Hat Either
Character Concerns Don't Bother Broncos Owner Bowlen
Sprinter Justin Gatlin Gets Tryout With Buccaneers
Brady Quinn Cuts Hair to Appease Joe Theismann
Video of Your 2007 Texans Cheerleaders
Chad Johnson Sued For Bogus Raffle
Report: Michael Vick Bought Syringes for Fighting Dogs
Just How Hard is it to Get Packers Season Tickets?

Steve Nash's Blood Makes Headlines
Rockets 'Strongly Deny' Van Gundy's Rumored Retirement
A Look at the Losers: Toronto Raptors
A Look at the Losers: Dallas Mavericks
Best Rapping Duo, Ever: Kobe Bryant and Tyra Banks
The Pistons Will Not Be Nice to Ben Wallace
Where Are the NBA Stars?
Tracy McGrady Tears Up During Press Conference
You Think Cuban Misses Nash Now?
Was Dwyane Wade Right About Dirk Nowitzki?
David Stern Will Probably Not Renew His NY Times Subscription
David Hasselhoff Is Taking the Mavs's Loss Pretty Hard

Willie Mays: I Could Have Hit 800
Vernon Wells Wants to Yell at You While You're Working
Barry's World: We Don't Hate Him That Much
Barry Bonds Hits No. 744, FOX Nails Its Coverage
Taco Bell Wants You To Propose During An MLB Game
Mexican-less Giants Are Celebrating Cinco de Mayo
Ozzie Guillen Would Like To Keep His Beer, Thanks
Brewers Owner's Wife Couldn't Believe He Wanted the Brewers
Cardinals Ban Alcohol in Clubhouse, More Teams to Follow?

The Car of Hendrick
Bestwick Back in the Booth
Dale Jarrett Misses Field, First Time Since 1994; Gordon Takes 4th Pole

As Premier League Sues YouTube, Fans Will Lose

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Was Almost a Draw
Was Saturday the Last Gasp for Boxing and Horse Racing?
Could UFC Be Next for Floyd Mayweather Jr.?
Oscar De La Hoya- Floyd Mayweather Jr. Live Blog
Floyd Mayweather Sr. Gets Ticket From Oscar De La Hoya

Rags and Slugs: Of Openings and Closings
Video Blast From The Past: Danny Gare Beats Habs in OT
The Science of Nintendo Ice Hockey
No, You'd Never Make it in the NHL
Messier's a Lock; What About Claude Lemieux?
Celeb Hockey Fans: Steve Carell, Wanna-be Goalie
Hockey Fight of the Day: Garrett Burnett vs. Ryan VandenBussche
Garrett Burnett: Victim of the Thug Life

NCAA Football:
Colorado's Jackson Balances Football and Fatherhood
Matt Stafford, Kegmaster
Is No Punishment for Stafford the Right Call?
Nebraska Wide Receiver Maurice Purify Arrested
Goofy Tradition Watch: The Baylor Line
Big Draft May Not Kill LSU In '07
Colt Brennan Wants a Few More Bars of Soap
Four Penn State Players Let Off Hook