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09 May 2007

FanHouse: Thurs. AM 'Scottish Football Was Doomed' Edition

Is Dale Jr. leaving the family business this morning? That's what they say. And even I know that's news.

In the bullets:
Scroll down for definitive evidence that we are establishing permanent bases in Iraq.

Binn Learning Not to Date Single Moms
Raiders Fire Snitch
Tommy Maddox, Tony Romo Have Something in Common
Browns Sitting In the Basement of Sportsline Power Rankings
Petrino Has Already Had Enough of Vick's Foolishness
Nobody in South Florida Misses Saban
Still No Word on Ricky's Return to Miami
To Become Great, Elbow Eli Manning Frequently
Condoleezza Rice Likes Football Players
SI's Love Affair with the Carolina Panthers Continues
Dan Morgan Astroturfing Campaign Begins on ESPN.com
Leftwich Says He's Healthy. Too Bad It's May.
Claim: McNabb-Eagles Relationship Could 'Get Real Ugly'
No Drugs in Nash's System
Rams Fans Have Nothing on the Foot-Long Hot Dog Inventor
Jon Kitna is ... Mr. Fuzz-Head Charm
Carolina Panthers' Kris Jenkins: NFL's Fattest Man?
Bill Belichick at Time's 100 Most Influential Party
Detroit Lions' Drew Stanton: When Will He Start?

Big Ben to Pistons Fans: Yes, I Have Money
Jermaine O'Neal's Denies Trade Rumor
David Blaine and His Creepy Voice Want You to Watch the NBA Playoffs
Playoff Revelations: Derek Fisher
Bird and McHale Used to Smoke John Mellencamp 'Under the Table'
Put Don Nelson on Your Chest
Boxing Cutman Would Have Enjoyed Working on Nash's Bloody Nose
This is Not Slow Jazz, This is Fast Jazz
Kareem Cannot Be Bothered By Your Silly Questions
Houston Columnist Thinks JVG Will Be Gone
Super-Agent Tellem Opposes Basketball Academy
Paul Pierce Will Not Play For Team USA... Ever
Tony Parker's 'Oui Oui' is Getting No Attention
Brock Lesnar Wanted To Train With Kevin Garnett
Bobcats Interview TNT's Mike Fratello
Stephen Jackson's Trial Delayed
How Much Cash Has Matt Barnes Earned?

When Does a Hitting Streak Become Impressive?
Sal Fasano Officially the Only Reason to Follow the Blue Jays
Pettitte, Clemens, Not That There's Anything Wrong With It
Brewers May Literally Be Making Fans Pee Pants
Jose Canseco Says Curt Schilling Is a Liar, Hypocrite
Curt Schilling Apologizes to Barry Bonds in a Blog Post
Don't Take Adrian Beltre to a Haunted House
So You Want To Sleep With A Batting Champion
Jorge Reyes Distributed Steroids, Too
The Tigers Are Rolling
Ricky Henderson Is Officially Insane
If Sammy Sosa Pees In A Cup, George Mitchell Wants To Know About It
The Reds' Bullpen Is Terrible and They Know It
Rick Dempsey Would Like To "Domestically Violate" You
MLB Cy Young Watch: Time to Recognize John Maine

NCAA Basketball:
Jai Lucas Will Choose A School In 5 Days
Devils, Heels, Terps Among Decade's Best Programs
UW's Wallace Did Some Drinking. And Some Driving. And Hit Some Stuff Too.
Super-Agent Tellem Opposes Basketball Academy

Earnhardt Jr. To Break The Family Ties That Bind
Stewart's Mom: Maybe We Should Have ...
Junior and Jeffy Batting for Same Team in 2008 and Beyond?=
NASCAR FanHouse Power Rankings: Darlington
Freefallin': Burton, McMurray, Stremme

Apathy Is a Two-Way Street, Canada
Good News for Bertuzzi Is Bad News for Detroit

Mickelson's Swing Changes Could Take Time
2008 Beijing Games Called 'Genocide Olympics'
Jason Whitlock vs. C. Vivian Stringer
Soccer Fans Think About Soccer 80 Times a Day
High School Pole Vaulter an Internet Sensation
I Don't Care What That Scorecard Said, Oscar De La Hoya Won
Quick: Name the Heavyweight Champion of the World
Randy Couture Heading for Sports Illustrated Cover?

NCAA Football:
Is Friedgen the Best Coach in the ACC?
Vintage Barry Switzer and the 1980 "Taco Bowl"
If It's Scottish, It's Crap - Wonderful, Wonderful Crap
UGA Overreacts To Some Beer
Big 12 Could Send Some TV Games to ESPN
Tampa Makes A Play For ACC Championship Game
That's a Hell of a Razorback You've Got There