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17 June 2007

Brad Pitt Is Interview Death

Also from Bono's Vanity Fair issue, but not online: Brad Pitt's interview of Desmond Tutu, uncreatively headlined "The Tutu Connection."
BP: What is this concept of ubuntu I keep reading about?
DT: Ubuntu is the essence of being human ... We say a person is a person through other persons. You can't be human in isolation. You are human only in relationships.
Think about that. It's such a great and profound point that, even after Pitt follows it by saying, "So that speaks to our interconnectedness," you still kinda focus more on archbishop's insight than the actor's douchebaggery.

But Pitt can only stay out of the way so long. Soon enough he gives Tutu a slow, fat pitch about "a big argument going on in America right now, on gay rights and equality."

Tutu dutifully crushes the pitch: He could never judge someone for being gay.

This is just pointlessly misleading: When it comes to gay rights, Tutu's South African parish is pretty much the lone outlier. If Tutu wanted to take his fellow Africans to task for their homophobia, that would be one thing to bring it up in the interview. But he doesn't.

If you were trying to explain New York to people, would you profile the one guy who had good feelings toward the MTA? The interview just serves to show off how much Tutu agrees with Pitt.