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14 June 2007

Fanhouse: Fri AM 'NBA Ratings Are Dead, Hurray!' Edition

It's Friday, which means Mickelson and Horry will both be fined in Schrutebucks. Also:
Have a good weekend.


Jim Brown: 'Most African-American Players Do Not Have Fathers'
Donovan McNabb: 'My Knee Is Fine'
Deacon Jones, Paul Hornung Consider Hall of Fame Protest to Support Retired Players
Eastern Motors Update: the Boogie Woogie and Chief Zee
There Are a Lot of Baby Ben's Bouncing Around Pittsburgh
The Sad Story of Justin Strzelczyk
As Expected, Pete Kendall Lets Loose on New York
Michael Strahan: 'I Feel Like I Can Have My Best Year This Year'
Sinbad -- Yes, Sinbad -- Gave the Colts Their Super Bowl Rings
Report: Eagles Owner Purchases Crazy House on Main Line
Bill Walsh Visits the Raiders
Still No Charges Against Pacman Jones
Chris Henry: 'I'm Not Guilty,' Police Not Sure
Dan Marino's Making Movies
Dolphins' Daunte Culpepper Injures Non-Throwing Hand in Car Crash
Bears' Defense Struggling to Contain Hester

NBA Finals Game 4: 4th Quarter Live Blog
Soon to be the Clearance Tables
Agent Zero: It's Only Business, I'm Not Leaving
Longform Shoals: How Bad Ratings Will Set the NBA Free
Like Starbury, Kevin Durant Wants to Endorse Affordable Shoes
ABC/ESPN's SkyCam Needs To Go Away Forever
Who Will Win the Finals MVP?
Retirement Can Wait, Grant Hill Wants to Play in the Finals
Chris Duhon Accepts He'll Likely Be Traded

Carlos Lee Almost Murdered Adam Everett
Philadelphia Shows Love for Jim Thome, End of the World Draws Closer
Sal Fasano Designated for Assignment, A Nation Mourns
Lou Piniella Is Giving Catcher Michael Barrett a Time Out
Barry's World: We May Be Seeing More of Big Head As He Approaches Aaron's Record
Mark Buehrle Doesn't Want You To Forget He Threw a No-Hitter First
Brad Penny: Shawn Green Steals Signs
Red Sox Fans Can't Help Dancing
The Impossible Has Happened: Jason Kendall Goes Deep
Major League Baseball Has No Sense of Style
The Astros' Dugout Is Not a Fun Place To Be
Ichiro Has Multiple Personalities
Jake Westbrook Is Not Enjoying The Minors
Elijah Dukes' Mom Wants All These Women to Quit Trying to Get Pregnant
Felix Pie Might Be Walking Funny Today

NCAA Football:
Saban Signs Contract, Could Bank Almost $5 million a Year
Tressel Apparently Regrets That Whole 41-14 Thing
Barnes' Dad Gets Frank About Saban
PSU Students Understand Basic Economics; PSU Does Not

NCAA Basketball:
Like Starbury, Kevin Durant Wants to Endorse Affordable Shoes

Rabid Fans and Alcohol Don't Mix
Kyle Busch Says What He Said Isn't True
NASCAR FanHouse Power Rankings: Michigan

Vezina Trophy (Canadian for "Da Best Goalie")
Live From the NHL Awards
One Man's Fourth-Liner Is Another Man's Top-Six Forward
NHL Prospect Dating Game: Kyle Turris
Roberto Luongo Does MuchOnDemand

Das FanHaus:
Das FanHaus Presents: The Idiot's Guide to Australian Football
The Worst Finish We Can Possibly Imagine
Would Barry Hall Leave the Oval for the Ring?
Potty-mouthed Soccer Players Have No Place In Singapore
China Will Straight Melt Your Face Off in Badminton, Son
Tri Nations Rugby Series Begins Tomorrow

Sports 2.0:
Is the NCAA Blaming ESPN for Banning Bloggers?
Louisville Courier-Journal Considers Suing NCAA Over Ejected Blogger

UFC 72: Preview and Predictions
Report: Royce Gracie, First UFC Champion, Tests Positive for Steroids
Daily Show's John Hodgman Explores UFC

Ronaldinho Gets a Mii
Why Do West Ham and Sheffield United Have Very Similar Schedules?

Tennis Player Marc Gicquel Takes 129 mph Serve in Wrong Place

US Open:
Tiger Woods: I'm Number 2
Ian Poulter Plays Well, Dresses Well
Defending Champ Ogilvy Thinks Oakmont Is Really Hard
U.S. Open: Two Holes to Watch
Woods Skipped Out on Practice Round With Sabbatini
About Oakmont's 300-Yard Par-3

Wheelechair Racing:
Paralympian Fails Drug Test, Claims Stranger Stuffed Cocaine in His Mouth