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18 June 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Bill O'Reilly Kicked Out of Mets Clubhouse' Edition

Welcome back to work, all. Witness the fun:
Enjoy the miserable weather,


Justin Verlander Is No History Buff
Samurai Man Cromartie Wins Wrestling Debut
Lou Piniella is (Sorta) Correct About Women MLB Managers
You Have Now Entered the No-Credential Zone, Starring Bill O'Reilly
Barry's World: The Difference Between Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong
Minor League Spotlight: Don't Mess With Roman Colon's iPod

NCAA Football:

Arkansas' Darren McFadden Is A '99' On NCAA '08
NCAA Absurdity On Display With Supplement Issues
Mothers, Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up To Play Football In Montana
Hoeppner Will Not Coach Indiana Football in 2007
Big 12 Joins XM Satellite Radio Lineup
Big Ten Network May Not Be Huge Fiasco


A Decade After the Choke, Carlesimo Might Get Another Chance
Baron Davis Is the NBA's Best Rapper
Cry Kobe Cry - You're Not Going Anywhere
Mark Cuban on His Colonoscopy: 'Easy and Breezy'
Amare Believes Phoenix Is Close to Winning a Title

NASCAR Wants $100M from AT&T, Seeks To Kick All Grandfathers to the Curb by 2008
Riki Rachtman to Teresa Earnhardt: Free the 8

Suspended Pronger Offered $5,000 for Game-Winning Goal in Finals
Is Brett Hull "One and Done" at NBC?

Das FanHaus:
Your Excellent Start to the Week: Swamp Soccer
We Were Thinking About...Not Soccer
Lonergan Returns to Footy After Losing Kidney
You Got Steyned! South Africa Tops Australia in Tri Nations Opener

Oliver McCall Turns Sinan Scedilamil Sam's Face Into a Bloody Mess


Iraqis Mourn Tae Kwon Do Team

College Sports:
Louisville Baseball Coach Tells Players: Stop Trying to Impress Erin Andrews


Redskins Paintball Rumor: Teammate Intentionally Shot LaRon Landry in the Groin
Raiders Penalized for Trying to Get Better
Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell Has a Friend in Tom Cruise
No Charges Against Bengals' Chris Henry
Redskins Players Make Fun of Joe Gibbs' Old School Short Shorts
Giants' Michael Strahan Calls Coach Tom Coughlin 'Borderline Crazy'
Tony Kornheiser's Porn-stache From 1985
Federal Government Could Seize Michael Vick's Property in Dog Fighting Case
Other Things We Can Pin on Chris Henry
Are the Texans Fixin' to Turn the Corner?
After Firing CAA, Matt Leinart Signs With a New Talent Agency
Jonathan Vilma Likes Poker, So What?