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11 June 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'John Daly's Marital Advice' Edition

If you want to see an image of what John Daly's wife allegedly did to his face, check out MDS's post. If you want to check out a photographic metaphor for Daly's lovelife (it's a naked guy with "The 19th Hole" written above his bum), scroll down to the "Sticking and Moving" portion of MJD's Debriefing this morning.

In news that comes after bullets:
I can't recommend strongly enough that you scroll to the bottom of this message, where Miss Gossip is juxtaposing NBA players and the dogs that look like them.

Deep Down, Tom Coughlin Just Wants to Please His Dad
Dolphins Bungle Culpepper Situation
Shaun Rogers Allegedly Likes Strippers and Guns
Report: Strip Club Visit Is Trouble for Lions' Shaun Rogers
Why Is Roger Goodell Stalling on Pacman Jones' Appeal?
Just in Case, Pats Look for Samuel's Replacment
Reggie Bush Not Hosting Playboy Mansion Poker Party
Pacman's Decision Will Happen Soon
League Might Pull Plug on NFL Europa
ESPN Really Loves Tom Brady and the Patriots
Sopranos Ending: Biggest Ripoff Since Pottsville Maroons
Could the Patriots Go 16-0?
Byron Leftwich Finally Gets Some Good News
Trevor Pryce Has Monster Season, but Can't Run a 4.5-Forty

Barry Bonds Hits No. 747
Juan Uribe Pays Off Alleged Shooting Victim
Harold Reynolds Is No Longer Unemployed
Ned Yost Is Rambling
La Russa's Arresting Officers Have Some Explaining To Do
The Commercial Mrs. Steinbrenner Didn't Want You to See
Barry Bonds Takes Steroids ... Baseball-Approved Ones
Canadian Flag Waving Fan Causes Stir at Dodger Game
Ichiro Is Not A Big Fan Of Cleveland
John Kruk Is Not as Special as He Thinks He Is
Freddy Garcia May Be Lost for the Season
Jeff Samardzija Should've Stuck With Football
Auction House Removes Bounty on Barry Bonds' HR Ball
Cubs' Players Campaign for Mark Cuban to Buy Team
Melvin Says Johnson Isn't Getting the Clemens Treatment
Need a Power Bat? Keep Looking Dodgers Have Learned

NCAA Basketball:
Minnesota Hoops Fans Have a 'Chubby 4 Tubby'
Villanova Over Georgetown? Really?

NCAA Football:
Frazer Packing to Leave Notre Dame
Suspended Longhorn Intends to Transfer
Terry Bowden is Going to Hurl
NC State Gets Tough Over Toughie
Crap, It Looks Like I'm Buying NCAA '08 After All
New Trojan Damian Williams Injured Till '08
Jeff Samardzija Should've Stuck With Football

Report: Henry Headed to Barcelona Next Season (Or Not)
Worth Reading: PitchInvasion.netMLS Powah Rankings: Week 10
Report: Henry Headed to Barcelona Next Season (Or Not)


What's Next For Michelle Wie?
Wife Claims John Daly Scratched Himself
Mickelson, Balky Wrist and All, Set to Compete in U.S. Open

Yellow Just the Color Gordon Didn't Need, Until He Did
Jarrett's Performance Causes Rumors to Confuse Each Other
F1 Driver Released with Minor Injuries After Horrific Crash
Operation Wax Smoke During Champion's Week in NYC
F1 Driver Released with Minor Injuries After Horrific Crash
Four-Tires For Hamlin Continues Bad Fortune

Hockey Blogger Hit with $2 Million Libel Suit
Bettman and Daly: Rewarded for Screwing the Fans
NHL: Bigger Nets in Store?
When Dealing With Online Rights, Bloggers Are in a Gray Area


Roger Federer Sings Tina Turner -- Badly

Magic Will Refund Season Tickets to Jilted Donovan Fans
J.R. Smith Facing Charges
Don't Worry About Gilbert Leaving D.C.
Joe Dumars: Flip Saunders' Job Is Safe
All Hail R.C. Buford
The NBA's 'Stat Pack'
Dilemma in Detroit: Slight Tweak or Major Overhaul?