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12 June 2007

Reap it.

If Mr. Irrelevant wants to post about Blog birthdays, that his prerogative as a can-do, optimistic guy.

But birthdays aren't a third as interesting as deathdays. Haven't you noticed that obituaries are usually be the most calming, optimistic thing in the paper? C'mon: Without today's bad news, would you have had an excuse to spend a few wistful seconds thinking back to the days when 'tag' was a charmingly simple game and not a Googlewhoring technique?

I bring it up because I want to celebrate the (almost) freshly-carved tombstone of Batgirl, who hung up her game while I was on vacation with Damn Boogus. Batgirl was most famous for her excellent Lego renderings (scroll down to find an under-appreciated gift to humanity here). She plowed a lot of ground for the female-blogger-artiste archetype we've all grown to love.

I hadn't found reason to read her in almost a year, but I, like the 500 other commenters, wanted to say my bit, even if my bit is three weeks late. (Damn you FanHouse redesign!) It sounds like she's stopped blogging for the right reason, so there's nothing to do but tip an extra bit of Chivas to her work tonight immediately.