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11 June 2007

Rebranding Africa: Making Covers Suck Hard

Because I care, I'm going to break down this Africa-centric issue of Vanity Fair that Bono edited.

Starting with: The issue has twenty different covers and Chris Rock is apparently the only one who can make a Leibovitz photoshoot look interesting.

Whoever inserted that "Got any stock tips?"quote should be curb-yanked. Is a punchline a punchline if it's too stupid to even try to deconstruct?

This issue is supposed to be based around Bono's attempt to "Rebrand Africa" and, with the exception of Rock, its covers are all earnest folks who are very airbrushed and very impressed with themselves. But we already know famous people are impressed by how much they care about Africans.

The only African of note is Desmond Tutu, and they put him next to Brad freaking Pitt, which comes off about as well as sitting me next to my Damn Wifus. She's got the brown eyes and the shapely neck, and I've got the face like a half-shaved ass. Sure, when we get a bite to eat in the open air, I'm a proud husband. But from a visual point of view, it's like plaid on paisley.

Bad visuals, reinforcing the Conventional Wisdom: African covers are newsstand death.