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13 August 2007

It's the Boring Headlines You Gotta Fear

I don't comment on the batfuck insane headlines coming out of (mostly South) Africa because a) who can keep up? b) South African papers have beaten crime-related headlines to death, and c) the international Anglophone press usually follows right behind the South African press and humps the dead-but-not-yet-cold headlines. I hump my own dead stories, thank you.

This appears to be something of another order, though: FIFA says only 18 African nations have safe stadiums.

It's another order because people's left brains can prevail over the panic that strikes whenever some poor man in Joburg gets nude and glued to his exercise bike. But structural safety deficiencies? That can throw up an entirely different set of roadblocks for South Africa's 2010 World Cup.

It's depressing enough to make you wish you had an R-Rated trailer for Superbad to look at.