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22 August 2007

Well That Daily Show Bit Was For Crap

Not sure if this is what happens when you know too much about what Jon Stewart is discussing, or whether someone at Comedy Central told them they had to talk about Vick. But the show doesn't usually seem so desperately in need of a laugh track.

It is interesting to see Tiki Barber say Vick "will be blackballed, he will not be welcome in any NFL locker room if he bails on other players," since, two nights later, he tried to call out his old QB in an exceedingly poor imitation of a shock jock.

It seems like the radio talk genre demands obnoxiousness. Tiki might want to get out of that business since a) he can't be competently obnoxious, and b) it's going to undermine his TV work. Unless he was wrong about what happens when you "bail" on players. Which would mean he's not good at TV commentary either. In which case we'd probably all be better off if he spent is post-NFL career mastering the art of Flying Fuck, Rolling Donut.