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28 September 2007

FanHouse: Fri AM 'Bill Murray, Bandwagoneer' Edition

Enjoy your weekend.

Harry CarayMedia Watch:
Skip Caray Feels Snubbed by TBS: You know who TBS did include? Chip Caray, Skip's son, which should make for some awkward moments at the next family get-together.

Hope Solo's MySpace Friends Have Her Back: The guy who makes the 1980 Olympics comment seems a little old for MySpace, but other than that, I think these comments are RIGHT!! Ryan really did screw this up.

Keith Olberman, Future Voice of the Yankees? I don't actually see this happening, but when Sterling does eventually step down, you know the Yankees will at least consider going after a big name.

The Year's Hottest New Movie: Big ups to the folks at the ubiquitous Fark.com for passing along the theatrical trailer for what is sure to be the year's hottest movie: O.J.'s Eleven. Not gonna lie: after five seconds or so, I expected this to suck. It most decidedly does not.

Joe Theismann Done at ESPN: I don't see any of the other outlets that have NFL games -- NBC, CBS, Fox, NFL Network -- hiring him, so he'll probably either move to college football or do local work in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Redick Brothers Are a Menace to Society: J.J. Redick has to be the last name you think of when you hear "NBA player in trouble with the law." But, as the video above shows, one ex-girlfriend would have you believe, the kid has a dark side. Or at least his brother David does.

Is David Duval Attempting a Comeback? He'll be 36 in November, has only played in five tournaments in '07 -- and none since the February Riviera -- but if this is a full-fledged return to professional golf, the big question is where will Duval play in '08? Unlike every other professional sport, 36 is the prime of a golfer's career.

Bill Murray Shows Up at the Right Times: Eh, I don't know if it's just when I've happened to notice, but he seemed to be around at rather um, choice times. He showed up in 2005 when Illinois' basketball team was on its run to the National Championship game. And now that the Cubs are on the verge of the playoffs? (Assuming they don't choke it away.) He's chilling with the team before batting practice.

The Debriefing: Fists Full of SchruteBucks, XX: +19,000,000, Any National League Team Currently Slumping or Streaking: Without the Metropolitans completely going into the tank, none of this seems even close to as interesting. What they're in the midst of doing -- blowing a 7 game division lead since September 12th, blowing 4 different games in which they had 3-run leads, and blowing the largest division lead since divisional play began in 1969 - is flat-out historic. It's going to come as a huge surprise to Willie when he finds out.

Nobody Wants to Win the NL Central: Part 159: It's what baseball in late September is all about. Pennant races, close games, players playing their hearts out for that first (or fifth) taste of the playoffs. And then there's the NL Central.

World Cup:
Greg Ryan Has a Much Bigger Mouth Than Hope Solo: "The last time we played Brazil, they didn't even try to play football - they just kicked us from behind." The Brazilian press republished those comments and reported that Brazil head coach Jorge Barcellos called Ryan out for his "provocations," giving his women all the motivation they needed.

Puckingham Palace: The Cruel Realities of Being an NHL Fan in London: What has been, from what you've been able to tell, the English media's reaction to the NHL coming to London? In true NHL fashion, there hasn't been that much pushing of the product so to speak. For example, the NFL is holding a massive tailgate party for 7,500 fans and others before the Dolphins-Giants game; as far as I know, the NHL game doesn't even have any events during the day for fans.

McKee Breaks Foot, Out 4-6 Weeks: Stunned I am. Simply stunned. This is too much deja vu for one man to handle. Last year in pre-season, after signing a 4 year, $16 million contract, Jay McKee tweaked a knee that would sideline him for the early part of the season.

NCAA Football:
Dude, Who Locked Up My Car? Auburn's senior guard Frank Tolbert: Last week he had his '95 Chevy Tahoe towed and just , uh, snapped. Sometime between 11:30 p.m. Thursday and 3:15 a.m. Friday, he jumped a fence at United Auto Collision on Opelika Road and drove his car through the gate, Holder said, adding that a metal fence and posts valued at $1,500 were damaged.

Virginia Revokes Game Balls: Al Groh, being an ex-NFL coach, likes to hand out game balls after each game. A fairly popular football tradition that can be found down to the high school level. When the UVA compliance department heard about the handing out of game balls, they decided that it must stop.

Chad Johnson: 'Tell Bill Belichick I Love Him': Told he might be in the minority based on other comments made by players around the league, Johnson said: "Be for real. Be for real. They're a great team offensively and defensively.