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26 September 2007

You Can Hear Them Clang When Abby Wambach Walks By

She's the leader of the U.S. team, the one cameras and the tape recorders are all crowded around. And yet, right before the team goes abroad, at a time when they'll desperately need their focus, she's got the stones to go and raise a scatstorm like this:
She likes to talk about more substantive topics, like famine, HIV and genocide in Africa. Even her T-shirt collection has taken on a more serious tone. In the team handbook the U.S. put out before its trip to China, Wambach is pictured with one that says SAVE DARFUR.
Wait, there was neither shit, nor fan? She's actually still playing? And still in Nike commercials? And Nike still sells Wambach gear? She has not, to date, been scrubbed from the dread company's records? She hasn't been stuffed into a bag and buried under the Great Wall?

Wow. Athlete speaks out, the turning of the world continues. I bet you could knock a Cleveland Cavalier over with a feather right about now.