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30 October 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'Let's Climb Things' Edition

Up top: The Dugout says goodbye to another MLB-on-Fox season. In the middle: Red Sox fan climbs a lightpole and jumps off it for the cameras. At the bottom: Georgia Bulldogs fans seemed to particularly like this week's anti-Florida edition of College Football Songbook.

Media Watch:
The Dugout: 2007 Year in Review ... By FOX:
ADollar: It's great to have you back, Tim. Baseball witnessed its own fair share of history throughout the 2007 season. Let's take a look back at the year that was.

**Online Host** Here is some crappy, overanimated FOX image. Perry Ferrell whines to a heavy guitar riff.

The Best Moment of Boston's Season: I love Jonathan Papelbon's Irish jigs as much as the next guy, and sure, the Curt Schilling standing ovation was sort of cool. But I hate to break it to you, Red Sox fans: From an outsider's perspective, your entertainment factor peaked in the spring. That's when Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo hilariously reacted to a crazed pizza-tosser's throw with cackles, guffaws, and general hilarity.

Streaker Mark Roberts Strikes Again; Struts His Stuff at Giants/Dolphins Game in London: Allow me to warn you before hand, the following video is not safe for work ... or at home with children around.

Mike Wilbon: 'I'd Hit Tom Brady With Everything I Had as Late as I Could': Wilbon is a Post columnist as well as a Pardon the Interruption co-host, and although he has more of a passionate fan side to him than most journalists, it's highly unusual that he would actually go so far as to say that he'd actually take a cheap shot at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady if he were on the other team.

Report: Dodgers to Fire Grady Little and Hire Joe Torre: So you know how earlier today there were those "Joe Torre to Los Angeles" rumors floating around that you probably looked at and figured, "That's gotta be crap, the Dodgers just committed to Grady Little," like I did? Turns out where there's smoke, there's fire. Peter Abraham is now reporting that the the Dodgers are going to fire Little and hire Torre as their skipper, bringing Don Mattingly along with him as his bench coach.

Scott Boras Pretends He's Sorry for Upstaging the World Series: And by sorry, he means "not sorry at all, and I'd probably do it again." It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right? What Boras did was sneaky and underhanded ... and in the absolute best interest of his client. It's his job to build the hype surrounding Rodriguez, and the fact that some people wanted to talk about A-Rod's plans instead of the World Series is proof that he's doing his job.

Fan's View: Red Sox Win, Let's Climb Things! In case you couldn't make it out to downtown Boston last night, this is what the scene looked like: a lot of chanting, a lot of drunk people and a lot of street lamp climbing. Seriously, who does that? He seemed to be in one piece after landing, but I half expected everyone to be too busy snapping a picture of him with their cameraphone to bother catching him ...)

Charlie Monfort Is In Denial: Monfort insisted after Game 4 of the World Series that the Rockies are a better team than the Boston Red Sox, a team that outscored them 29-10 in a four-game Series sweep."These guys did amazing things," Monfort said. "I think this team is a better team than Boston. It would have been nice to have another two, three, four days."

Stephon Marbury's Life As a Telenovela: There's no easy way to introduce this story... so here goes nothing:

According to a Johannesburg entertainment news website, Chris Webber is engaged to a South African celebrity named Cleopatra Mariri. Cleopatra has a friend, Chichi Letswalo, who used to be a soap opera star in native South Africa. Her show got canceled, though, which led to her mansion being repossessed. Chichi came to America to reportedly looking for "a rich man and a job." C-Webb, being a nice fellow, got his lady's best friend hooked up with a job in New York City... as Stephon Marbury's nanny. She is paid $140 a week (plus room and board).

Would the Wizards Trade Gilbert for Kobe? As the "Kobe to the Bulls" rumor seems to have reached a plateau in terms of the ways the media can go with it, we now have rumors of a new team being a "dark horse" in the Kobe sweepstakes: the Washington Wizards.

Clay Bennett Gets Punked By Federal Judge: Things are pretty bad when a judge is tossing around bad jokes like that about your argument. This may not change the endgame, of course -- the Sonics want to pay for the remaining lease payments owed up front and split, which is likely what the result will be here (barring a miracle arena, or $500 million, falling from the sky).

Cowboys Sign Tony Romo to Six-Year, $67.5 Million Contract Extension: That makes Romo one of the highest-paid players in NFL history. Romo was scheduled to become a free agent after this season, and there had been conflicting reports about how much Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be willing to pay to keep him. Apparently, he was willing to pay a lot.

College Football:
Death To the Billingsley Vaguely Equation-Like Substance: Of all the many, many things wrong with the BCS, one rickety contraption stands proudly above them all: Richard Billingsley's fradulent computer rankings. For an example of a typical Billingsley blunder, take a look at Burnt Orange Nation. They've highlighted one particularly egregious instance: Billingsley's computerized doohickey ranks USC #10, whereas no other computer metric ranks USC higher than #21 and all but one omit USC entirely.

Tom Osborne Is Elderly, Indiscreet, and So Firing Bill Callahan: That's right kids, Osborne answers the first question by saying "it depends on the new coaching staff." Bill Callahan, your parting gifts are backstage. The Big 12 would like to thank you for driving the Huskers straight into the ground; dedication ceremonies for the Bill Callahan Memorial Crater of Suck will be held sometime next fall. You're not invited.

This Week In Schadenfreude: &*#@! *ing Knowshown Moreno: Nothing can top the woe of Orson Swindle, Florida fan par excellence and the sole, magnificent reason the Gators are this week's Tears of Unfathomable Sadness awardee. His postgame catharsis can be excerpted in this profanity-free space in no way ... unless humorous cartoon punctuation substitues for most of it. Ready? Go!

The 'Saban's Players' Myth: It's not so much a myth as it is a fact that the vast majority of LSU's starters and contributors were brought to Baton Rouge by Nick Saban. The myth of it is the suggestion that trying to discredit LSU Head Coach Les Miles by pointing this fact out is an "Alabama thing."

College Football Songbook: Do the Jorts Fit Better With a Bulldog's Foot in Your Ass? No major upsets this week, and Phil Fulmer and the Vols just had to go ahead and win in overtime. So we bring you our thoughts on the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.