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07 October 2007

This Is Why I Won't Play Ball With Mugwatch

My under-10 niece has a barely visible scar on her head that she got from playing with boys. She and he were running around at recess, and their heads collided. She got stitched up, and in no time she was her regular hyper-competitive self: Looking for people of any age or gender to compete with. So I am kind of aware of the increasingly competitive streak among our country's Amazons.

Still: This blew my mind.
According to a study to be published in the Journal of Athletic Training, in high school soccer, girls sustained concussions 68 percent more often than boys did. Female concussion rates in high school basketball were almost three times higher than among boys.
More injuries for the girls high school sports, more people gambling on boys'. I'm now officially unaware of any benefits to high school sports. Thank J. E. Bus my spawn will likely have no athletic talents.

(Video via WL by way of TSINB)