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08 November 2007

FanHouse: Thu AM 'Public Duffing' Edition

Earl Sleek of the beloved NHL blog The Battle of California has joined us, and today we get our first lapdancing-actress cartoon.

MLB.comMedia Watch:
MLB.com Realizes Ripping Off Customers is Bad Business: It's nice to see a company react to a mistake that alienated thousands of their best customers. That said, this P.R. disaster was entirely avoidable in the first place by their decision to use DRM in the first place, and it's sad that it took so much negative press for MLB.com to be prodded into action.

Bill Polian Blames Blogs: During Sunday's Colts-Patriots game, television viewers heard some strange audio feedback that some people thought was evidence that the Colts were piping in fake crowd noise. That led to a big story on Monday, with accusations that the Colts were cheating, much like the Patriots cheated by stealing signs. It turned out that it was just an audio problem from CBS. So why did the story become so big so quickly? In a Q&A on the team's official web site, Colts general manager Bill Polian says blogs are to blame.

Dennis Miller Talks Sports, This Won't Last as Long as His Monday Night Football Stint: The people in the studio audience sounded as though they were being paid by the laugh; at one point Miller actually looked angry at the audience for laughing so loudly at a joke that wasn't particularly funny.

Alex RodriguezMLB:
Is A-Rod Buying Shaq's Mansion? First there was the rumor that Kobe Bryant was trying to buy Michael Jordan's crib. Now, the latest "sports superstars swapping real estate" scuttlebutt has Alex Rodriguez allegedly snatching up Shaquille O'Neal's 19,440 square foot waterfront mansion in Florida, which O'Neal listed at $32 million earlier this year.

Donald Trump Wants to Buy the Cubs? At a speaking engagement in Chicago over the weekend Trump said that he was going to look into buying the Cubs to save them from a bid by Cuban. The Chicago Sun-Times breaks down his statement.

Looks Like the Rangers Will Be Paying Some of That A-Rod Money After All: It was just a scant week and a half ago when Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels rejoiced over Alex Rodriguez voiding his contract with the Yankees. This was because the $30 million or so the Rangers owed Rodriguez vanished into thin air. But yeah, looks like they might have had it just a bit wrong. The Rangers are still on the hook for some scrilla.

George Mitchell Rings for Last Call: While I can't exactly parse what Mitchell's deadline for evidence collection has to do with steroid dealer Kirk Radomski having his hearing moved back -- one would think that would cause Mitchell to move the deadline back, not solidify it -- the end result is all the same. The Mitchell File is close to being filled, and thus revealed; here's hoping more names come spilling forth sooner rather than later.

Boom, Bust, or Bobby Bonilla: Kyle Lohse: A candidate to get that "what were they thinking" contract like the one Gil Meche received in Kansas City last season. Meche was the recipient of good fortune and a less than overwhelming free agent class at starting pitcher when he got himself a $55 million contract from the Royals. But at least that class had a couple of big names like Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt. Lohse isn't going to have that kind of competition.

Mike Comrie Gets a Public Duffing: So it looks as if New York Islanders center Mike Comrie is getting more than comfortable in his new gig, both on and off the ice. Not only do his Islanders sit tied atop the Atlantic Division standings, but apparently his new flame - Hillary Duff - is getting comfortable sitting atop the free agent centerman.

NFL FanHouse Midseason Midtacular: Worst Coach of the Half-Season
NFL FanHouse Midseason Midtacular: Best Coach of the Half-Season

Chris Henry In Trouble Again? The report says the attendant said he was calling the police, and that Henry and his friend then drove off, although they also said to the attendant, "F--- you, you better hope I don't see you again." However, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Henry was not arrested and police are not investigating.

Longform Shoals: It Really Is Pierce's Team: The reason this New Big Three clicks so cleanly is that these stars have streamlined their respective games. But whereas as the serene Tim Duncan has remained the philosophical center of the Spurs, the Celts orient themselves around Paul Pierce--perhaps the most flawed of the team's trio of All-Stars.

Phoenix Gets the 2009 NBA All-Star Game: It's not yet official until David Stern announces it this afternoon at a press conference at US Airway Center.

NCAA Football:
What To Do When Your School's Greatest Player Is Scum: FanHouse's own Scott Olin Schmitt made another disturbing foray into mainstream media with an op-ed in the LA Times. As a fan and alum he is bothered by USC continuing to honor O.J. Simpson's accomplishments as a Trojan, while treating the man as persona non grata. He has no problem with keeping the man of disturbing character away from the school, but is bothered that the school and program continues to honor the Juice.

NCAA Basketball:
Billy Gillispie Has a Lot of Work to Do: The 16 point loss tonight to Gardner-Webb -- on his 48th birthday -- may have Gillispie popping Prozac like chiclets. Last year, Gardner-Webb was 9-21 and finished 7th in the Atlantic Sun Conference. There are a lot of Kentucky fans canceling their trip to NYC for next week. It was expected that Kentucky would roll through the first couple home games tied in to 2K Sports College Hoops Classic before getting some nice early season challenges. Not happening.