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06 November 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'Alert: Tom Brady Has Not Been Suspended' Edition

Don't believe the internet rumors. Check the first link.

Media Watch:
No, Tom Brady Has Not Been Suspended: In the last hour, more than 100 people have typed tom brady suspension into Google and come here to FanHouse, because we're the top hit when you Google that phrase. So why have so many people been coming here? Because there's a rumor going around that Brady has been suspended. So let me make this clear: Tom Brady has not been suspended. The rumor is false. It's a joke. Made up. Didn't happen.

Colts-Patriots Draws Monster Rating for CBS: Colts-Patriots got a 22.5 rating, making it the most-watched television show since February's Academy Awards. It was the highest rating for a Sunday afternoon NFL broadcast since at least 1987, which is as far back as reliable data can be found, Bloomberg News reported. Given the way the TV landscape has changed since 1987, that is stunning.

NFL: Crowd Noise Controversy Was CBS Audio Glitch, Not Colts Cheating: The NFL said today that the bizarre sound that many TV viewers thought was a CD of fake crowd noise skipping was, in reality, no such thing. The league responded quickly when the Patriots and many fans questioned whether the Colts were cheating.

The Debriefing: It's a Mat ... With Conclusions ... You Can Jump To (Week 9, Pt. 1): The Patriots and Colts are head and shoulders above 29 other NFL teams. The Steelers are that 30th team. With Pittsburgh, it's not a matter of quality, it's a matter of style. And the style preferred by Mike Tomlin -- namely, lining up against you and smacking you in the mouth until you cry -- is the best and only way to attack New England or Indianapolis. The Steelers are in the best position to do that.

Don Shula on Patriots: 'The Spygate Thing Has Diminished What They've Accomplished': According to Shula, even if history remembers the 2007 Patriots as the league's second perfect team, it will also remember them as cheaters.

Adrian Peterson: Not Overrated: Today I'm here to report that after reading those insightful comments, watching Peterson break the all-time single-game rushing record, and having Kim Etheredge take me to the hospital to have the stupid pills pumped from my stomach, I'm now ready to answer the question I asked three weeks ago: No, Adrian Peterson is not overrated. Yes, I now worship Purple Jesus.

The Ice Sheet: Troubled Times: Martin Brodeur is well on his way to his worst-ever campaign (as photographed above), and was in goal for all five Pittsburgh tallies (including two from Sid the Kid). The decorated netminder fell to 4-7-1 on the season, with his save percentage now at .888 - ahead of only six 'tenders among goalies with seven starts.

NCAA Football:
College Football Songbook: That's What You Get for Putting Your Trust in a Fat Man: If one person has really benefited from all the major upsets in college football this year it would have to be Charlie Weis. Otherwise, much more media attention would be focused on the fact that Notre Dame is going through one of the worst years in the teams history. The lack of attention from the media probably doesn't make it any less painful, and neither will this.

Texas Should Catch Notre Dame in All Time Wins Saturday, Says Vegas: Earlier this year, the Fanhouse noted the relative vectors of Texas and Notre Dame, suggesting that if ND was as epically bad is they appeared to be at 0-4, a ten-win-or-so year from the Longhorns could result in Notre Dame losing its hallowed spot as the team with the second-most wins all time (#1 Michigan remains 40-some games ahead of both chasers).

This Week In Schadenfreude: Weis E Coyote Did What? Surely, not even certified super genius Charlie Weis could pass up a 42-yard field goal in favor of letting his crappy offense attempt to convert a fourth and long.

Trouble in Paradise: A-Rod Upset With Boras? After all, A-Rod's not a media professional; his confused dalliances with the New York press confirmed that long ago. Did he tell agent Scott Boras to coordinate the announcement just so, or did Boras take the initiative himself? If Tyler Kepner's source close to the duo is right, A-Rod might not be too happy with his representation right now.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Could Care Less What You Think: The Pirates lost 94 games last year. Believe it or not, that was a slight improvement over the 95 they lost the past two years. This year, they actually went out and did something about it; they fired GM Dave Littlefield, most of his front office staff, and manager Jim Tracy. Then, faced with a choice to make about their next manager, they picked ex-third base coach John Russell, a man who lead a AAA team to a 55-88 record last year.

Curt Schilling May Have Pared Down His List to Just One Team (Hint: Boston): It looks like those teams are not going to get that chance to pitch their World Series chances and their school systems after the Red Sox' exclusive negotiating period ends. Talks with the Sox look like they're coming along to the point where Schilling will remain in Boston.