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04 December 2007

Matt Drudge, Classy Guy

Now on the site, in the all-caps-and-unnecessary-ellipses Drudge style that has taken the internet by storm:
Nice. Link goes to a Politico story that mentions in part that Bush will be in Africa for a week sometime before he leaves office. Yet nary a hunting trip across the Serengeti nor Land Rover excursion around Kilimanjaro are mentioned. Instead:
A planned highlight of Bush’s final year in office is a weeklong tour of the three major regions of Africa, where Bush will call on the world — and his successor — to continue the attention and funding he lavished on the continent with his President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, one of the few fruits of his campaign promise of compassionate conservatism.

The official said Bush’s message during a major address in Africa will be: “I may not be here next year, but what we’re doing here needs to keep going.”
If Republicans wonder why Bush doesn't get more credit for sending money Africa's way, they might want to take a look at how their surrogates talk about the place. But alas, if any right-leaning fellow gave Drudge crap, they would open themselves up to charges that they were "enforcing politically correctness." And then all the old John Birch Society members would faint.

But yeah, the money's appreciated, George.