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22 January 2008

FanHouse AM Memo: 1/22

Scroll on down to the bottom for pics of British fans hating Americans.

Media Watch:
Knicks Crush Some Opponents, Like Reporters: Boston blitzed through Madison Square Garden Monday... but the Knicks succeeded in crushing one opponent, apparently. Newsday's Ken Berger details a tussle between Knicks staffers and a clan of beat writers.

Charles Barkley Weighs in on Tilghman Comments; Golfweek Apologizes for Cover: You know, Charles Barkley might own the planet's worst golf swing, but he's a pretty bright dude. Via Michael Wilbon's Sunday column, Barkley comments on the whole Kelly Tilghman-Golfweek fiasco. And after a swift and severe public backlash, that probably explains why Dave Seanor, the Golfweek editor responsible for the cover, was canned.

Packers-Giants Outcome Described by Akeem (Eddie Murphy) in 'Coming to America': It turns out that the Giants' 23-20 overtime victory over the Packers was described quite nicely by Akeem, the main character in Coming to America, portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

Starburys Hit the $8 Clearance Rack: In my younger years, I often scoured the clearance rack on the local Nike and Reebok outlets for cheap Jordans or Shaqs. Never in my life did I see decent sneakers for $8... though (judging by some reviews) one could argue decent sneakers still aren't available for $8.

Tom Brady Spotted in New York Wearing Walking Boot: Brady didn't make it out of Sunday's game unscathed: Tommy Tremendous was seen sporting a walking cast while crossing a New York City street. (I'll let you guess where he was going ... and, yeah, those are flowers.)

Can Eli Manning Play Superman to the Patriots' Legion of Doom? Giants quarterback Eli Manning is an unlikely candidate to play the role of plucky underdog-turned- superhero, but that's exactly what he'll be in the eyes of millions of fans if he somehow leads the Giants to an upset of the Patriots.

That Roger Clemens-Andy Pettitte Friendship Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be: When Pettitte admitted using HGH, it cast doubt on Clemens's vehement denials of doing the same. After all, they were workout partners and friends so what went for one had to go for the other. According to an anonymous friend of both men, via Ken Davidoff of Newsday, that closeness was a media invention.

NCAA Football:
Michael Adams' Stupid Playoff Plan Is Stupid: Georgia is this year's pissy "why not us" BCS complainer, and university president Michael Adams isn't going to take it anymore. No matter that Georgia didn't win its conference. Or even its division. The Dawgs have been done wrong, so it's time for a playoff proposal, one that Adams said was "50-50" to pass when he introduced it.

Liverpool Fans Rage Against American Owners: Liverpool fans protested against American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Another song I couldn't quite make out incorporated the phrase, "You limey bastards."

Photos: Liverpool Fan Protest