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21 January 2008

FanHouse AM Memo: Mon1/21

Miss Gossip is on vacation, so once again it falls to me to advise you about Emmitt Smith's stumbling on-air execution.

Media Watch:
Emmitt Smith: If the Giants Win Today, They Could Possibly Go on to the Super Bowl: Another day, another gaffe from ESPN's Emmitt Smith, who has made so many of them that it feels a little unfair to keep bringing them up. But this one, in which he says of the Giants, "If they win today they could possibly go on to the Super Bowl," is egregious enough that it deserves mention.

Fired Golfweek Editor Says People Are Afraid to Talk About Race and Golf: Seanor: "When race and golf are in the same sentence, people want to change the subject as soon as they can. People in golf don't want to talk about that stuff. I was on the floor at the PGA show, 20,000 people were milling around, maybe 30-40 of color."

John Daly: the More He Changes, the More He Stays the Same: Well, this is shocking: John Daly, who has recommitted himself to golf, had to withdraw from the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Saturday morning citing a rib injury. I wonder if "rib injury" is a euphemism for "a splitting headache brought on by enough booze to incapacitate a small village." He attended two more tournament parties Friday night, including an after-party, and told one local reporter to ignore the fact that he was drinking.

Bowl Themes Already in Place:
Chargers Center Calls Richard Seymour 'Cheap and Dirty' (and Not in a Good Way): Seymour and Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeill were apparently yakking before kickoff, and several times during the game Seymour had words with several San Diego players. He also bumped quarterback Philip Rivers to the ground after the whistle (okay, Rivers flopped, but I'm pretty sure Tom Brady gets that call).

Eli Manning Is All Grown Up: We know he can take it to the Patriots -- he did it four weeks ago. The question now is if he can do it again ... and win the game. We've got two weeks to talk about it.

Is Bud Selig Going to Have to Choke a Wife? Yes, that's Bud Selig, making a ha-ha after his cell phone interrupts him. "It's only my wife. I'll punch her out," said the MLB commissioner. Man, I wish Selig had been as tough on steroids as he says he is with his wife.

Brian McGrattan: Knuckle Up or Shut Up: The Senators and Flyers face off tonight in Philadelphia, marking the first time Downie will meet the Sens this season. The Canadian media has been treating this rematch with the quiet nuance of Tom Cruise's Scientology recruitment video, forcing McAmmond to finally throw his hands up this week, saying: "Steve Downie is writing his own story and it's ... I mean, I was part of it, but I don't want to be part of it anymore.

UFC 80 Was No Rip Off: Yesterday I wrote that the UFC 80 card wasn't a particularly impressive lineup, and that it was shaping up to be a rip off perpetrated upon the fans of UFC by Dana White. Well, that turned out to be totally wrong. From start to finish, UFC 80 was an absolutely phenomenal card.