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16 January 2008

Pump the Louis Armstrong

So, this happened this bright, blessed day:
After catching his breath at the mosque, Khalid headed off to join another protest group. About 60 protesters sat there peacefully until two pickup trucks full of armed policemen arrived. Again, they asked the group to leave. Again, the protesters refused. This time, the police attacked with clubs. Three policemen beat Khalid, striking him on his waist, legs and back and continued after he had fallen to the ground. Two friends were able to drag him into a vehicle and take him to the hospital along with another protester, Betty Sharon, 38, who had been beaten by six policemen on her arms and thighs. When NEWSWEEK last spoke to Khalid, he was still waiting for the results of his X-ray. He was suffering pain in his wrists and had no feeling in his right leg. But he vowed to continue to protest. From her hospital bed, her arm wrapped in a sling, Sharon said the same thing.
Good times.