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07 January 2008

Whistling Past the Gunyard

The revolt in Kenya has gone rural and low-tech:
In the Rift Valley, Kalenjin gangs stormed Kikuyu farms. Police officers seemed reluctant to intervene. Dozens of Kikuyus were massacred, including up to 50 women and children hiding in a church who were burned alive. What has kept the death toll from rising even higher is the fact that few people here have guns; most of the clashes have been fought with clubs, knives and stones.
That people are being clubbed, not shot, is what passes for good news in Kenya these days. The bad news: People in the Rift Valley can get AK's whenever they want. They can get them from the rebels in Sudan to the north, from the bandits in Uganda to the west, from Somali tradesmen who are willing to sell (or rent) an assault rifle anytime someone needs one.

The same guns make their way through the region, flowing to wherever the market is better. You can rest assured gun traders are headed back toward the Rift Valley right now.

Meanwhile, Kenya's leaders are acting with what's become their trademark urgency. President Kibaki and his challenger, Railia Odinga, agreed today (Monday) to meet and talk things out on Friday. I bet the 40 people who are likely going to be murdered by roving gangs in the meantime are thrilled to hear the news.