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22 February 2008

Stupid New Yorkers

Went to the supermarket, because, you know, we could use a few things. Upon arriving, we find the C-Town looks like Lord Humongous' gang of berserkers had just ripped through, only they were looking for Pampers and frozen entrees rather than gasoline.

You would think Galactus' Celestials were coming down from the sky, not a few damned snow flurries. Meanwhile, we're eating cold cuts for dinner because there was absolutely nothing else to buy. (I'm sure the would-be survivalists who preceded us thought they were being very forward-thinking by leaving the sliced meats alone. Like a mooked-out version of the protagonist in The Road filling up his bathtub as soon as the bomb drops on Nashville.)

Bug has been instructed that she only has six more diapers to soil, so she better make 'em count.