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06 March 2008

What the Hell Happened?

Bug slept like a champeen Tuesday night, so I thought we might have gotten her on a schedule. But at some point in the early evening Wednesday, JB got in touch with the yawping, pillaging spirit of her Scandinavian forefathers and ripped this place apart.

Like any torturer worth her salt, she timed her tactics randomly. Your soul can gird itself for bouncing a kid around all night. It sucks, but you can pull it off. But the think Thinking she's down, Putting her down, Tentatively laying down yourself, Letting your guard down, Banshee scream! routine really breaks you down on a spiritual level.

There was such business--screeching and doing her kicking dance of terror--given on the first shift that Damn Wifus emerged early with a concerned look.

And with that, the kid had her lightning victory. Once they sabotage that first sleep shift, your chances for a decent night's sleep are done. The defenses have fallen and the zombies are already in the mall.

Twelve hours later, I'm still suffering from
  • Migraine
  • Nasty foot cramp in my right leg from trying to start running again, and then being on my heels all night bouncing Bug around the apartment
  • General uncomprehension of time or hunger. I have to time meals by the clock now, because my brain has stopped telling me to eat. This likely has something to do with the way Fun Size Milky Way bars and Tostitos are the only things I can eat at 3AM with one hand. (Maybe you can eat fruit at 3. Please let me know when you'd like to me perform a rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings just for you.)
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