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21 April 2008

Curse of the Bambina

Update: This was muffin's first morning off to grandparentcare, and as such it was a bittersweet burping and asswiping for me and Damn Wifus. I rose before dawn to get packed, then latched Bug into the harness mechanism from Death Proof.

Mom had said her goodbye and kept it together, but dick that I was, I thought two goodbyes would be twice as helpful. I put my little Kurt Russell down to get the door open and asked mom to wave goodbye one more time. She smiled at Bug who, swear to god, grinned back like a jackolantern and raised her right hand in what I'd be hardpressed to define as anything other than a wave. Mom's lip quivered and we were out the door.

Bug kept up her own brave face until we drove past Courtelyou Road, and them she lost to it too. She only stopped when I sang along to the falsetto mumbling during the bridge of Creep. (That and when I sang "So Fucking Special," instead of "So Very Special," which she naturally prefers.)