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04 April 2008

The 'Pasty Faced Three' Reunite! Another Album in the Works?

Of the closeknit friends of circumstance there are the high school friends, the guys from your dorm, and the friends from the first job. The friends of those friends are great, and the friends you make at your second or third job are nice. But the friends of friends are more selected, and by your later jobs you start caring about the work and you don't necessarily want to get soused with the folks at the office or relentlessly talk shit about your employer. And soon enough people aren't sleeping around so that means there aren't nearly as many stories to tell.

Anyways, the one on the right opened her autobiographical play last night, and it was amazing. It was just beautiful to see a part of her life we all saw in real time get dramatized, especially just as the one in the middle is headed to a less-reliably-blue state to start an exciting job. And me, of course: I have a car and a baby, and I may have drank whiskey last night but I'm eating Jenny Craig today. It was nice to be filthy again last night, because there are just fewer and fewer places to tell a nice sodomy joke every year you get older.

Anyways, the photo does not lie. We three are that white, and I think each of us have a bit of the sentimental nature you often find around the British Isles. So if I'm maudlin about the departure of the one in the middle, I at least have the knowledge that I'm probably not the only one.