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30 May 2008

Yes, You Had a Question?

Oh, it's been too long since I posted, you say?

You think I should get on the website blogging with more frequency?

Well, maybe I should. Yes, I did see that report.

Hey, everyone knows the company's goals. I should be blogging more. And your department is doing great. Holding a bottle already? Great stuff.

Say, did you also notice on the report, where it said that maybe you should stop doing the thing where you follow up a feeding with an attempt to swallow your fist? Yeah. An implementation nightmare, that one.

I do worry about it, being a sticking point, though, if we stick to rigidly to the dictates of the report. The whole "Too big, too fast" thing to worry about. What do we do if people say you should have learned the third time you discovered your gag reflex?

Although, if you want to try and stick to the suggestions on the reports, we could do it with some resources from your side. If you want to start looking at the recurring puddle of puke on mommy's shoulder and present an estimate of how much formula we're losing in emergency evac, that would be a huge help.

Oh, you don't? You want to let me handle the scheduling in the Department of Blogging
and you can continue to run head up the division of Homo Sapiens Who Shit Themselves? You're OK letting this sit until Q4? Great. Come by my office anytime, Bug.