A daddy blog.

15 June 2008

Father's Day

The WiiFat we bought was making some progress on my gut, but I decided to start the momentous day with a momentous workout. So I got up early, had the usual conversation with Damn Wifus (DW: "Why is there babyshit on my towel?" Me: "Wait, I know this one.") and headed out to meet a trainer for an hour.

"I think I'm going to be sick," I told her after my fourth lunging exercise.

"I have some breathing exercises that should help you with your nausea." I tried her way for about two seconds, then went and stuck my head in the toilet. I never threw up, but I was able to cross Cradle Public Commode off my Father's Day itinerary.

The day got better from there. We cooked out in the backyard of the in-laws. Wifus and I traded the kid back and forth all day. (And without devoting 8,000 words to the subject.)

I had a nice unique moment with Bug. She had gotten overstimulated by the group and was screaming, so I through her over my shoulder and bounced her down the driveway until she calmed down. She curled up with her head in my ear, sucking on a hand and, for the first time, using her vocal chords while doing so. I can't adequately explain why making slurping noises and alternating between "Ah" and "Oh" is a revelation, but it is.