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21 April 2009

Use Condoms.

While I appreciate the "That's a cute kid," compliments from folks who take a look at this blog regularly, I feel it's necessary to remind people that babies are beautiful when shot from optimal angles at optimal times with occasional props.

Conversely, close ups of infants on Day 6 of sneezing are not breakfast-time viewing. They are a secret that cannot be told, only shown.

You can wipe a child's nose as relentlessly as you like; she has to sleep sometime.

Similarly, after twelve months you can perhaps come to a point where examining diaper contents becomes unremarkable.

But the mucus is not a regular occurrence, and you can build no tolerance. And if you procreate, the stork will do a second run by your house at some point and drop off a delivery of stale boogers, the volume and tenacity of which will unlock doors in your mind and leave you to question the ways of this little green planet in the depthless black universe.

Tomorrow: More swingset pictures.