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01 June 2009

Portait of a Bad Investment in Park Slope

7-YEAR OLD BOY: "You have some." [Presents cup of ice cream to his dad.]

D: "What do you mean? Why don't you finish your ice cream? That cost me two dollars."

7: "It's too much."

D: "If it's too much then you shouldn't have ordered it."

7: "Can I have some water?"

D: "No you can't have a bottle of water. That costs another two dollars."

7: :(

9-YEAR OLD BOY: "The sign says a bottle of water is only a dollar."

D: "You got a dollar?" [Turns to 7-year old boy] "You got a dollar? Then I guess you can't have any water."

The price of hydration can be asinine in my neighborhood, but the rates never approach those for an hour of therapy, which at least one of these kids is going to need when he's 26 and can't figure out why he's having a panic attack in the frozen food section.

To drive the point home, I have dressed Bug as the mom from Jon & Kate Plus 8: