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11 October 2009

This neighborhood is interesting sometimes

There are downsides to living in Park Slope, a neighborhood with enough simmering yuppie dissatisfaction to generate 30 snotty comments about the owners of a newly opened bistro; about how they "clearly don't 'get' the Park Slope vibe;" and about how we know this even though none of the people commenting have sat down in said restaurant.

Saturday night in this same neighborhood, there was a steady rumble and clanging outside our window. When I went out to investigate, I found one of those wonderful marching bands that creative kids would desperately want to be in.

So this blessing-on-earth of a band was stomping and blowing its way down Prospect Avenue with precision when this fellow walked up wearing a gimmick shirt that had a working equalizer sewn into it.

If hipness is about timing, this guy is Wale. I generally don't support wearing your rave gear out on the street, but the result was an inspired bit of serendipity.