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21 February 2010


In Cold Blood was published in 1966, and it contained an interview with an upstanding young father from rural Kansas named Larry Kendricks who shared his home
with his wife, three active children, and a perpetually functioning television set. ("It's the only was we can keep the kids pacified.")
And Larry was OK with that. But I have a feeling that the following sequence (via Engadget) would have annoyed the cornfed crap out of Larry:

Fast forward 40 years, to when I have a young relative who could clearly enunciate the words "Feature Presentation" before he could clearly pronounce the name of his sister.

And that's because the entire "Feature Presentation" setup for media is twice as overdone among kid's media. The Matrix example above has three trailers. Happy Feet has seven.

Point being, if the marketers want your kid to sample some Purple Dinosaur, your kid's going to sample some Purple Dinosaur. Unless you just unplug the TV. But neither me nor Larry are man enough to do that.

(Addendum: Screw you, Samsung. Why do your TVs and DVD players have to play tones when they turn off and on like they're a Mac from 1996? Yes, my kid's addicted to the penguins on TV. But she's also addicted to running in circles yelling "Faster! Faster! Faster!" I'd be able to turn either machine off when she's in Tornado Mode if your machines weren't designed to make such loud, showy exits. Instead, I get the stink eye from her. God, you people are needy.)