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03 May 2010

Prospector Jane Thinks You've Sprung a Leak

At the time of this picture, my Flip camera was striking oil at the bottom of our beach bag. We'd placed her water cup on its side within said bag, drowning the precious electronic bits at the bottom. (Besides that, Coney Island was its usual transcendent self. The kid said it "smells fun," which is what you'd expect from someone who defecates in the tub with a grin. She went down the 7' tall slide in the background by herself a dozen times.)

Got home, plugged the camera in again in hopes that it might just decide to revive itself. It had worked before, but not today. Later that day, I would put a glass of milk in a bag with a magazine. An hour later, I had a bag of southern literary mulch.

In lieu of video, I direct you to our new Facebook page, which at least offers frequent updates. We'll keep the photoblogging going here and there until the new camera arrives.