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09 May 2010

Say John, Why Ya Smiling?

Because I'm in Jersey west of Manhattan. I got up at 5AM to drive the family home from directly north upstate. My GPS directionifier decided to direct me away from the highway that leads through the Bronx and Queens right to my house. Instead, it routed me to this magical wormhole: a tunnel that goes from Hoboken TO BROOKLYN:

So, yeah. The stupid thing routed me into famously uncongested downtown Manhattan, claiming all the way that it would take 2 minutes to get across town. So I unplugged the thing in frustration. It wasn't even necessary at that point, as I could just follow the hipdick daddy license plates, as they all lead toward Park Slope:

(Seriously: Seen as soon as I exited the BQE on Hamilton Avenue.)

This whole sad detour is just proof that, robot guide or no, there is no replacement for checking a map before you get in the damn car.