A daddy blog.

23 May 2010

Site News

The death of my flip cam and a lack of inspiration with still photography have led to a string of no-show days here. I've stayed relatively busy on the Facebook page and the Tumblr, which I've now swapped in on the right. (I'm burned out on Neighborhoodr at the moment.) Both of those are devoted to bizarro family-related stuff I like. I seem to have more inspiration to send thoughts there through my phone then to sit down and type here.

So, for the immediate future, consider this a place for big pictures of Bug and, once my new camera arrives, a renewed focus on videos of Bug. Look for bite-sized bits of father-related madness at the other two. Or follow my increasingly Africa-obsessed Twitter account. Or ignore them all and keep coming here the airbrushed beauty you've come to expect.