A daddy blog.

29 June 2010

Fatherly duties for the night

Things accomplished:
  • Watched Louie.
  • They say if you've got one roach you've got a million, but that's a damned lie. We've has this 8 ounce roach running around our living room for a month, and it's just him. He made another run for it tonight out of the corner of my eye, and the only tool available was my wife's guide to Rome. He tried to bolt under the loveseat, which was a mistake. I can slide a loveseat, you stupid inspect. Splat! [Limping away.] Splat splat!
  • Produced this video for my old best friend's wife who's trying to have her daughter challenge Bug to a danceoff. Clearly he and she understimate my ability to waste a night editing videos sampling songs we used to listen to ironically in 1993.