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09 June 2010

Second Outfit

(Note the Blind Melon influence.)

This is the outfit Bug wore on stage after a collection of adults and teachers opened the event by lip syncing to "We're Not Gonna Take It." It was like a truckload of Waiting for Guffman t-boned an unsuspecting car full of Glee and the result was a grisly scene all over the intersection.

When the time came for Bug and her three dance companions to perform, things went predictably: The curtain went up, my daughter saw hundreds of people looking at her, and she ran right off the stage. A teacher coaxed her back, leading her through the basics of the steps, and then another child lost her nerve and ran off stage left. A third simply stood like a pole in the ground, pressing her hands over her ears.

Midway through the song, there was a teacher our for each little girl, holding the kids by both wrists and walking them through the routine like puppets.

Eventually Bug, trooper that she is, began bending her legs and kicking her feet to the beat. By that time, the other three had escaped their teachers and were standing in a huddle watching Bug perform.

As the song ended, she bowed and blew a kiss to the audience, and then the curtains closed, apparently confident that she nailed it.