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27 January 2011

Last night as a two-year old, last post on the blogspot for awhile

Bug was born three years ago Friday, and from the start we sang her songs off the White Album because this is what we could recall in our sleep-deprived state. She's now a Paul-singing, nose picking person. Here's her song before bed tonight:

Over the past year, I've done a shit job of doing my Daily Bug, but I've done a relatively consistent job of updating that Tumblr microblog on the right side of the page. I've just gotten too damn lazy to keep using this blogspot product that Google refuses to improve. So, starting on Bug's first birthday tomorrow, I'll be posting updates here.

It won't be just about her and the family: there will be occasional embedded 10-minute videos of Spanish translations of the "Dental Plan" scene. But it will be more regular content about her and the family than I've been able to put up here, because I can just point my phone at her, tell her to scream DONKEY POOP and there see that's a post. It's consistency of a sort. Come over and give it a look.

02 November 2010

12 October 2010

Daddy Day Is Nutrition Day

We've all been sick with the sneezevomits, and on Sunday it was Damn Wifus' turn to come down with the full blown zombie eyes. My solution: Take Bug to a playground by the Upper New York Bay and introduce her to pig-in-a-blankets. So what if she had a fever 12 hours ago and was constipated all weekend? Doctor Chinstrap says 4 ounces of spiced meat and some fresh air is all the cure a growing girl needs.

Yeah, she had a fever again today. But she's wreaked havoc on her diaper in a manner that would do a Visigoth proud. Once I find a way to fry hot dogs in Children's Motrin, we'll have every symptom of this virus cornered.

08 September 2010

Let the Wookie Win

Posting pics of your kids oughtta be obligatory after a Louie finale.

06 September 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Playing with the new iPhone app. I'd be honored if you'd send any of the more pretentious shots to FYSP.

This is Bug at the Philly zoo, taking in the kittenpup magic that is sea otters.

This is the view from the front door of one of two Marriotts sitting next to each other in front of City Hall. The blue filter reflects my mood upon realizing I'd gotten parking validation info from the wrong one.

She met a man who lived in one of Philadelphia's many murals. She tried to pay him $80 to cover our share of the dinner, but he snuck it into Damn Wifus' purse. Bug swore sudden, bloody, anvils-from-a-window revenge.


This is my niece. She can kick the ball so hard it takes the shape of a jelly bean.

Nothing relaxes like a stroll in the field while soiling one's capris on a ninety degree day. This is the only time Daddy's grants us such freedom.

It was a great game. Bug celebrated/prepared for her Halloween costume with handfuls of broccoli

My niece enjoys a well-deserved Italian ice. My daughter projectile vomits zero point five seconds after this picture is taken.

She sleeps her way home, but Guard Shark, a token from our Philadelphia hosts, never does.

03 September 2010

Fridays Home With Dad Are Boring

She lays across my lap and her bones disappear, she's that bored.