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21 February 2005

Ken Layne is to anklebiting blogging as Clarence was to the Beatles. Long before Time Magazine was awarding a "Blog of the Year" award to whichever website could extend the biggest middle finger to Time Magazine, Layne was serving notice to columnists that "It's 2001 and we can fact check your ass."

But he quit blogging for awhile and got his shitkicking band up and running and then moved out of L.A. I don't check in one KenLayne.com so often anymore, but when I heard that Hunter S. Thompson was dead, my first thought was to go back. Layne's coda:

And that's that. One more of the great ones in the ground, and there will be no rush to replace him. Who needs that kind of negative bullshit today, anyway?

Read it all: there's some good news at the end. Congratulations, Ken.