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11 February 2007

Sports Karma

60 days of sports news I care about:

12/24/06: Bengals fumble extra point in Week 16 and lose 23-24 to Broncos

1/8/07: If that game were a classic Eddie Murphy routine, Urban Meyer would play Ralph Kramden and Tressel would play Ed Norton. Or the reverse. Whatever. I just wanted to use this wonderful image.

2/11/07: Los diablos enjoy worst slide in 11 years.

Last month: Either everyone in New York City decided to stop by, or FanHaus is
bringing it rather than singing it.

Holy crap.

Adding, finally: While the graph above is for the most part immensely gratifying, I have to point out that the possibility of "negative one million hits" gives me the jibblies. I don't know what the hell it means, but I think AOL takes my thumbs if the numbers ever dip down to that level.