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28 March 2007

FanHouse: Wed. AM 'The Scourge of Ohio Returns' Edition

The Obvious:
WVU's buzzer beater last night was awesome. If you didn't see it, you better bring your weapon and step in. Or, something.

NBA Coach's son fights cancer, plays for his dad. This is a Hollywood script.

Joakim Noah is a disciple of the Ric Flair school of pre-match talk.

Jose Canseco can go even lower than Dancing With the Stars.

John Cooper returns to Ohio State's football program. (If the Bucks lose to Florida again on Monday, this will move to the column above.)

Brian Cashman saying 'We're not going to be anybody's Sugar Daddy anymore.'

Curt Schilling, AKA 'Scythehands Voxslayer'.